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A Quick and Dirty on the Heartbleed Bug

The heartbleed bug has been hanging around (in-the-wild) for more than two years and according to Netcraft, affects 17% of SSL web servers that use certificates issued by trusted certificate authorities. This bug is only present in OpenSSL 1.01 to 1.01f and exists in OpenSSL's implementation of the heartbeat extension where an attacker could force the Openssl server to read arbitrary memory locations: In other words, an attacker can control the heartbeat size and structure it to be larger than Read more [...]

WordPress White Screen of Death – HaHaHa!

The WordPress white screen of death, otherwise known as a WSOD — can toss any WordPress admin an adrenalin high. The first thought that always enters my brain is have I been hacked? Before I even attempt to begin troubleshooting - I head to cPanel. I always  look at memory usage; last login IP; .htaccess, and the logs first. I've had two major WordPress hacks in the past and I do not take any chances on screwing around with plugins, themes, or anything else that may be creating that damnable Read more [...]

Why Are Twitter Followers Sending Strange DM’...

The past two weeks I've noted an uptick in Twitter followers sending me strange DM's. When I contacted them about these strange DM's, they stated that their account had been compromised. Some valid (compromised) accounts have since been deleted by Twitter and the URLs included in the DMs appear docile at this time. [Pataloca DOT com |] Twitter Followers The original DM URL linked back to a tweet from an account that did not follow me. Par for the course, the third-party account Read more [...]

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources in Word...

I've been going bonkers lately trying to remove silly little query strings from static resources in WordPress. Though I tried changing various settings in W3 Total Cache; edited .htaccess and functions.php; purged the Minify and CDN cache completely; the error remained intact. People who know me, know that sometimes I can't let a dead dog die; so I could not let the query string problem slide into an abyss either. It soon became a two week obsession. I absolutely detest myself when I get stuck Read more [...]

NSA TAO infiltrates computers globally

NSA TAO German magazine Spiegel reported yesterday that a special NSA hacking division known as Tailored Access Operations (TAO), can intercept computer shipments (or related accessories) and redirect them to a secret workshop.The NSA labels this type of interception method as an interdiction. Interdiction is a military term for the act of delaying, disrupting, or destroying enemy forces or supplies en route to the battle area. –Wikipedia So, all these computers that you have been ordering Read more [...]