Travel: Using Wi-Fi in-flight?

Wi-Fi information security when traveling

When you are 30,000 feet in the air and your flight offers Wi-Fi, are you really thinking about hacker Jon who is sitting in seat 44C? Probably not. Most people do not even consider that in-flight Wi-Fi is just like public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop. When you purchase time on an in-flight wireless network, your credit card transaction is encrypted. Once the transaction is complete, your laptop and devices are flying high in their birthday suits, again, if you do not take information security hygie...

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Darknet cybercriminal reflections: They’re so clever!

darknet criminal

I’ve spent a copiousness amount of time on the Darknet this year in a quest to gain more understanding on how cybercriminals think. I’ve been studying their communities, how they operate in the Darknetmarkets, perusing their forums, analyzing their marketing techniques, and contemplating how they justify their criminal activities.It’s been fascinating, and at the same time disconcerting.


It has been fascinating because I have learned so much about OPSEC (operational security), and my lear...

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A breach is found. Now whom do I tell?

data breach

In 2014, the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) tracked 783 data security breaches with 85,611,528 confirmed records exposed. This year appears even more dismal. The ITRC Data Breach Reports 3 for July 7, 2015 captured 411 data incidents with 117,678,050 confirmed records at risk. Since data breaches are a common occurrence in today’s information security threat landscape,  it’s going to become de rigueur for companies to pump up security preparedness within their incident response plan...

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Down the Darknet Rabbit Hole Again

Darknet rabbithole

I’ve been back down the rabbithole, into the Darknet again and it’s been a hell of a hostile and discordant excursion this time. For those of us who are merely researching the cybercriminal ecosystem, it can become an extremely precarious place to visit sometimes. I’ve had noxious miscreants jabbering me, insisting that I hack something to prove that I am who I say I am  some of whom even messaged me direct phishing links...

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My mental health break begins tonight

I work a few jobs: mental health, blogging, and Deepweb research. Lately, I’ve felt the need to disconnect — (if only for a day or two), and the time to disconnect is now. I know my physical and mental limitations, and sometimes I take on too much. When I reach these preconceived limits I either shut down or let the world around me know that the time to disconnect has arrived.

mental health break

The time has arrived

I am disconnecting for the next 24 hours...

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Breach response and information sharing

breach data

Some breaches require notification such as those involving patient data or customer information, but sharing is optional. Of course, notification is just one form of information sharing. For example, February’s executive order encourages private sector companies to share information on cybersecuritythreats.

There are advantages and disadvantages of sharing information with others, and here to talk about it are two information security influencers and Dell Insight Partners, Eric Vanderburg an...

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Hell is hot – more Deepweb, Darkweb, Darknet…

Over at the Norse DarkMatters blog I have an ongoing saga (down the rabbit hole) as I journey into the depths of the shadowy underbelly of the underground cybercrime ecosystem.While the black markets are expanding, forums are also evolving. In Part 1 I questioned deviant mindsets, poked the Onion-pastebin, reminded everyone that there is great value in fresh stolen data and that data has an expiration date (decreasing in value with the passage of time).


Deepweb, Darknet, Darkweb – It’s Deep…...

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E-book: From unified communications to WebRTC

E-book: Mobility-Voip-UC-WebRTC
The telecommunications industry has come a long way in 25 years. Soon, PSTN (public switched telephone network) communication systems could become obsolete and go the way of the dinosaur. Today, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for business communications on IP networks for the 21st century.

Amir Zmora, independent consultant at TheNewDialTone and vice president of Alliances & Partnerships at AudioCodes recently described the impact of WebRTC (web re...

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How to prevent leaked data and the next big breach

data breach

Data breaches can become a company’s worst nightmare and in 2015 it is quickly becoming the scourge of our times.

Leaked data

A few months ago I discovered a treasure trove of personal data in a Darknet forum that was leaked in the form of redacted spreadsheet files...

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